Interview with Elizabeth Colen

CEO, Certified Life Coach & Certified Personal Trainer

Elizabeth Colen is the founder and CEO of Ms. FitOne Lifestyles. As a Health Strategist, she combines her expertise as a Nutritionist, Certified Life Coach, and Certified Personal Trainer to help clients embrace an everyday mindset of total health and wellbeing. Her brand Ms. FitOne has elevated her status to a national Fitness Expert and TV Personality and Host. She has been featured on ABC, CBS and NBC and travels the world doing fun fitness segments on Morning Shows. Elizabeth’s passion for fitness and living a life of fulfillment has resulted in her being featured in several magazines and on many stages around the world, including being a health-focused contributing writer for Sheen magazine. Her story of triumph from unhealthy to health dynamo has been an inspiration to many, which began when she made the decision to be a fit one once and for all over a decade ago. At the time, she was a size 24 and weighed over 247 pounds! She is now a size 0, losing over 115 pounds through diet, exercise and an unwavering mindset to enjoy a healthy lifestyle and has maintained her healthy transformation for over 10 years. Her strategic approach to wellbeing includes creating customized meal plans, customized workouts and doing personalized mindset work for each client. In May 2020, she debuted her Ms. FitOne Lifestyle Podcast, which features people across the globe exemplifying a FitOne Lifestyle through Focus and Intention that empowers Transformation of one’s health and their world.